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Yeshiva League Pass “Tip Off” Podcast is coming!!
There may be no sports this season in the Yeshiva League, but get ready for the “Tip Off” podcast, hosted by Ari Witkes & Jay Aron. The long time HAFTR Livestream duo, in conjunction with Yeshiva League Pass, will be bringing you interviews with Jewish sports legends from all over the world. The podcast will delve into the history of Jewish athletes, coaches, and professionals, highlighting their stories and journeys.


Behind the Show:

  • The producer of our show, Jason Aron, has an extensive background in media and sports.  He directed the 2015 #1 Netflix documentary, “Back in Time,” featuring Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, and more.  On the sports side, Aron holds a master’s degree in sports business from NYU, and produces and directs some of the biggest podcasts for Showtime Networks including, “All the Smoke” and Morning Kombat,” as well as some of the biggest live events in combat sports, including the 2017 media coverage for the Mayweather vs. McGregor super fight.  On the hosting side, Aron works as a color commentator for high school basketball and has hosted podcasts, including “Technically Funny,” a technology show with comedian Sinbad.


  • As a business development executive and manager for over 20+ years, Ari Witkes brings a record of success and expertise at the highest level, helping companies grow their business through partnerships, sales, and marketing. He has strived and succeeded at meeting company's and partner's objectives alike.

As the CEO of the Lion’s Den, he instructs fitness classes to help people reach their health and mental goals. Through his success in coaching high school basketball and doing live play by play broadcasting, he has been able to help schools introduce a new line of revenue by monetizing their live stream with advertisers.


  • The director of the show and owner of Yeshiva League Pass, Moshe Heller, brings his experience of building a brand in the Jewish sports world. Moshe bought Yeshiva League Pass two years ago, and built it up from a small Instagram account, to a media company with multiple branches spreading across the world.

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