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YLP Tip Off episode 9 Featuring Mike Sweetney is live!

In this week’s episode of “Tip Off,” we bring you our biggest show to date - Mike Sweetney! It has much to do with his 6”8 height, as well as his incredible story. It’s not often that you get to sit down and talk with a former NBA lottery pick. In this show you will learn that his greatest achievements and successes have come off of the court. Mike had a storied career at Georgetown University and was drafted at #9 in the 2003 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. He talks about his early career success with the Knicks, to then being traded to the Chicago Bulls, where he dealt with a coaching staff who buried him on the bench. He battled depression during these times, causing him to put an end to playing the game that he loved. With the NBA now in the past, Sweetney tells us about the next part of his life where he has flourished. He talks about his good friend, Tamir Goodman, and how Tamir connected him to the Yeshiva League world. We talk about how Mike became coach/mentor for the Ramaz Girls Varsity basketball team, as well as current assistant coach of Yeshiva University. Now, Mike’s life mission is helping people deal with mental illness, as well as motivating and mentoring kids and adults. Enjoy this week’s episode with the Gentle Giant, Mike Sweetney!

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