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Rams Come Back, Take Down Frisch in Defensive Battle

In a thrilling matchup last week Wednesday, the Ramaz Rams secured a stunning victory over the previously undefeated Frisch Cougars by a final score of 39-32. The game was marked by intense competition and strategic plays that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

The first quarter showcased a dominant defensive performance for the Cougars, as they outscored the Rams 9-3. Ramaz then won the second quarter, scoring two more points than the Cougars. The score at halftime was 15-11 Frisch, in what remained a defensive slugfest. The third quarter was all about Rams’ senior Milan Kushner, who scored eight of his 11 points in the period, as the Rams went into the fourth up two. Ramaz solidified their lead in the final period, and ended up outscoring the Cougars 15-10, with clutch buckets by Nate Sugar and Evan Glasberg.

Bobby Sigoura led the way for the Rams with a game-high 14 points. (Photo Credit: @fastbreakvisuals on Instagram)

Bobby Sigoura, a junior at Ramaz, emerged as the standout player for the Rams, showcasing his skill on the court with an impressive performance, as he contributed 14 crucial points. Sigoura further solidified his impact on both ends of the floor by grabbing three rebounds. Kushner, in addition to his 11 points, notched four boards, three assists, and a steal.

The Rams' success can be attributed to their coordinated teamwork, great defensive strategies, and, of course, the individual brilliance of each player on the team. Their victory against a previously undefeated opponent speaks to the Rams’ resilience and skill, making this game a memorable highlight in their season.

The Rams remain with only one blemish to their record. They look ahead to future challenges with confidence, knowing that their teamwork and standout players can propel them to further success on the basketball court.

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