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YLP Tip Off Episode 4 Featuring Tamir Goodman The "Jewish Jordan" is live!

In this weeks episode of the “Tip Off” hosts Ari Witkes and Jason Aron take you to the Holy Land to interview the “Jewish Jordan,” Tamir Goodman. The story of Tamir Goodman is one that’s going to keep you engaged and thirsting for more. The highlights of the show talk about his quick rise to stardom and the national spotlight for not only his basketball skills, but his commitment to his Jewish values and religion. He was a top 25 basketball recruit in the country and was destined for stardom at the University of Maryland. The cover of Sports Illustrated is something everyone dreams of, let alone a religious Jew from Baltimore! This episode will show you all of Tamir’s trials and tribulations of his journey, and how he had to overcome obstacles that were met at every level of his career. If you want to know how it was going toe to toe with NBA legend, Carmelo Anthony and other future NBA stars, make sure to watch this must see episode. The story of perseverance will show you that through hard work, dedication, and staying true to your faith you can accomplish anything. Tune in to hear Tamir delve into his life after basketball and all his success both on and off the court!

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