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Sting Flip the Script, Shock Cougars on Senior Night in Paramus

In a thrilling culmination of the MYHSAL regular season on Frisch's Senior Night, the Cougars faced off against the formidable SAR Sting in a clash that defied expectations and etched itself into Yeshiva League history. When the final buzzer rang out to conclude this captivating contest, it was SAR who had surprised the Cougars with a 55-43 dub which locked Frisch out of a top-two seed in the eastern conference and put the Sting on the cusp of a playoff berth, which they would later secure as JEC lost to Heschel on Sunday.

The stands were packed for Senior Night at Frisch, but SAR silenced the home fans with a 12-point win to put themselves into playoff positioning (Photo Credit: @itrphotography on IG)

Despite the general fan anticipation of a regular season sweep to be completed by the Cougars, SAR, desperately needing a victory to put themselves into playoff positioning, had other plans. The game unfolded as a defensive battle, with memories of Frisch's low-scoring victory over the Sting in early November still fresh. However, the home court advantage for the Cougars did not deter the Sting from clinching a pivotal victory.

The opening moments of the game saw the Sting dominate, especially from beyond the arc, as they would sink an impressive total of 12 treys by the game's conclusion; over 65% of SAR’s points on the night would come from three. SAR jumped out to a quick lead, forcing the slow-paced Frisch attack into an uncomfortable position, needing to play from behind.

Each quarter delivered nail-biting moments, keeping the spectators guessing and intensifying the drama on the court. The SAR backers, acutely aware of the significance of this showdown, infused the arena with electric cheers that reverberated with passion. Despite being smaller in number, the Sting’s supporters created an atmosphere that fueled the Sting's relentless pursuit of victory. In the final two minutes, as the clock ticked down, SAR seized control, sealing their triumph and marking this game as a monumental achievement in their season.

The standout performer of the night, Jonathan Itzhaki, amassed an impressive stat line of 18 points, 16 rebounds, four blocks, and two steals. His relentless efforts on both sides of the floor proved crucial in the Sting’s victorious efforts.

SAR’s victory on Frisch's senior night is destined to be remembered as a testament to perseverance, skill, and the electrifying spirit that defines Yeshiva League basketball. Despite numerous close losses against high-end competition earlier this year, SAR won when they needed to. With the win and JEC’s subsequent loss to Heschel on Sunday, the Sting captured a playoff spot with a record of 7-7. Now, as the regular season’s curtains draw to a close, the stage is set for what promises to be an exhilarating postseason for the boys from Riverdale.

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