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TABC JV Hockey Becomes First Storm Hockey Squad to Miss Playoffs in 24 Years

For the first time ever for TABC JV, and the first time in 24 years for a TABC hockey team, the Storm JV Hockey squad has missed the playoffs, just one year removed from their undefeated championship season.

The Storm started off hot to start the year with victories against MTA and Rambam, and goalie Netanel Kalb did not let up a goal until the third game. That was when things took a turn for the worse. It started out with a hard-fought tie at Frisch, followed by news nobody wanted to hear: star offensive player Marty Teitelbaum suffered a wrist injury which would keep him out for most of the season. 

While this season was a disappointing one for TABC JV, the team is looking forward to turning it around next year.

The Storm proceeded to lose two straight as the visitors against both SAR and HAFTR. In their first time back home from a three-game road trip, they had a chance to stem the negative momentum and grab a win against Ramaz. TABC was up 2-0 late in the second period, but the Rams stormed back and the contest ended in a tie. Following another home loss to SAR, the Storm found themselves stuck in a must-win game against Frisch. With the score tied at one late in the third, the Cougars scored a go-ahead goal and won a 2-1 nail-biter. 

With their record now sitting at 2-4-2 and having not won six consecutive contests, it was win or go home for the Storm heading into a matchup with DRS. There was good news and bad news for the Storm heading into the game, as Teitelbaum was set to make his return from injury, but Shlomo Wenger was out. Two early goals were not enough to subdue the Wildcat attack as the Storm lost 3-2, and with that, they became the first TABC hockey team in 24 years to miss the playoffs.

With one game left to play for pride, TABC fell to YDE 8-7 in overtime, ending a once-promising season. When speaking with freshman defenseman Dovid Ratzersdorfer about the outlook for next year he said “[TABC has] to come out strong, put in the effort, fight to be successful and win. Expect us to bounce back from this disappointing season.” Despite this year’s unfortunate outcome, don’t be shocked to find the Storm back on top in 2025.

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