YLP Tip Off episode 7 Featuring Ryan Turell is live!

In this weeks episode of the “Tip Off”, we bring you the man of the hour, hoops sensation, Flyin’ Ryan Turell! In the world of Jewish basketball, no one is hotter than Turell. On the episode, Ryan will discuss when he realized that basketball could be more than a game for him, but rather a future occupation. He will showcase all his hard work and dedication into perfecting his craft and how he trains to be the best. He wasn’t born at a height of 6’7 and he will discuss how he went from being one of the smallest kids on the court to one of the most feared. We will talk about his decision to turn down Division I scholarship offers and ultimately take his talents to Yeshiva University. If you want to find out when he first dunked and what NBA players he’s trained with, tune into this weeks episode of the Tip Off!

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