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Despite several highly anticipated matchups being postponed, this past week of Yeshiva League varsity basketball failed to disappoint. The twelve games that were played were crucial to not only the teams involved, but for all teams throughout the league due to the outcomes.

This week was highlighted by numerous important upsets, but it all started off with North Shore failing to surpass their opponents on consecutive evenings. On the opposing end of these matchups, the victors, Magen Abraham and DRS, were only getting started for a week that would have even greater success in store. Along with those duels, came important conference matchups where HAFTR defeated YDE, Ramaz slid past Hillel by a two point margin and TABC suprasses Heschel. These three results were almost expected prior to the games taking place, but some key matchups provided results that were unexpected.

Wednesday night featured four of the top seeded teams in their respective conferences facing off in inter-conference play. TABC started off the evening with a hard fought battle against Eatern Conference top seed Flatbush. The Storm were led by insert and despite a determined effort by the Falcons, TABC was able to escape with a one point victory. In the nightcap, Frisch visited the Greenhouse and were determined to take down a DRS Wildcat who were undefeated in inter-conference play after beating SAR with over a twenty point advantage. The Wildcats continued their winning ways with a thirteen point victory, to assist Frisch with their first loss of the season. Additionally, RAMAZ quietly picked up their second win of the week over JEC as they continue to improve their record and move up in the standings.

On the following evening HANC picked up their second win of the season in a crosstown matchup against Rambam, while Waterbury issued North Shore with their third loss of the week. Most notably, Isaac Tawil powered a victory hungry YDE Thunder team past the Flatbush Falcons. Despite YDE’s record only being two games over .500, Isaac Tawil has been on a scoring rampage this season scoring over 30 points on four occasions, including a league high 56 points in a victory over Rambam .

Unfortunately, several of the weekend games were postponed due to health precautions, but the two games that were played were filled with excitement. Magen Abraham continued to move their way up in the power rankings by upsetting the higher seeded HAFTR Hawks. On Sunday, the North Shore Stars were unable to avenge their loss from two nights before as Waterbury beat them for the second time in three days.

This week's moves in the rankings were headlined by Magen Abraham moving up to the thirteenth seed, which is their highest ranking since they joined the league in the 2019-20 season. Tabc returned to the top seed in the league for the first time since week two and will hope to retain control over the league as the season continues.

This upcoming week will have some intense matchups highlighted by Eastern conference powerhouses DRS and YDE facing off against each other. Additionally, Magen Abraham will look to remain hot as they visit the Kushner Cobras.

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