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YLP Tip Off Episode 2 with Elliot Steinmetz is live!

The Yeshiva League Pass "Tip Off" podcast got the ball rolling on episode #1 with the coach of The Yeshiva University Basketball team, Elliott Steinmetz. The Maccabees, who hold the nations longest winning streak in college basketball, are ranked within the top 10 programs in the country. This episode brings you behind the scenes with Coach Steinmetz and details his rise to the pinnacle of Jewish basketball coaching. His coaching career began in the Yeshiva League at HANC and later concluded at North Shore, but not before he led both teams to Yeshiva League championships. In depth questions in this episode show how coach Steinmetz left a great gig behind to take on the challenge of making Yeshiva University basketball relevant again. The challenges and naysayers propelled Coach Steinmetz to help find the same type of players who shared his vision and passion to be great. The world of recruiting wasn’t lost on Steinmetz and he embraced the opportunity to bring the premium Jewish ballers to to play in Washington heights. In this episode, Coach Steinmetz will share with you the journey of how Macs basketball has gotten to where they are today, along with the highs and lows of their incredible tourney run and it’s ultimate heartbreaking ending. Making a guest appearance will be Jacob Steinmetz, son of Coach Steinmetz, who tells us about his journey to receiving a Division I baseball scholarship as an Orthodox Jew. The podcast will keep you entertained, as well as informed, and keep you yearning for more of the Tip Off!

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