YLP Tip Off Episode 10 featuring Ethan Lasko is Live!

In this weeks episode of the Tip Off we bring you Yeshiva University’s newest and hottest recruit, Ethan Lasko. Ethan’s career is quite a story and a very uncommon journey for a Jewish athlete. He discusses all the hard work, dedication and sacrifices he made to play basketball in D1. His career began in high school in South Florida at Katz Yeshiva in Boca Raton. Ethan trained to be the best at a very early age and transferred to a different high school to help elevate his game. He eventually found his way back to Katz Yeshiva and helped them reach heights not thought to be possible. His college career began at NCAA powerhouse Indiana University and ultimately to Manhattan College. Want to know where the next chapter of his stellar career will continue? Catch the entire episode at the Tip Off!

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