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Yom Hazikaron: Remembering the legacy of Ezra Schwartz

In honor of Yom Hazikaron, the Yeshiva League Pass team would like to acknowledge the late Ezra Schwartz z"l.

Ezra Schwartz was killed in November of 2015 in a terrorist attack, while spending his year learning at Yeshivat Ashreinu in Israel. He was an amazing person, friend, teammate, brother, and son. He always cared and loved for others, whether on the baseball diamond or in everyday life. Ezra was a competitor but he was also selfless. His team and their success always came first. He switched from playing his true position at second and short to play the outfield for almost all of high school because that is what the team needed. His impact on his friends has been extremely evident from the stories they tell about him. Maimonides has started giving out an award for the player on every team that best exhibits Ezra's traits and characteristics of being a leader, mentor, and a role model. The Kushner baseball team who attended the 2019 Ezra Schwartz memorial baseball tournament, retired Ezra’s number 2, showing the impact he has left with all of us. Although Ezra is not with us anymore, his legacy lives on through all the stories told and the events in tribute to him.

Thank you to Hillel and the entire Schwartz family for supplying us with this information.

May Ezra’s neshama, along with all others who have passed for the sake of Israel, have an aliyah.

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