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YLP "Tip-Off" Instagram Live with Harry Orlinsky!

After not being able to attend the Glouberman Tournament last year due to TABC bringing only seniors, starting guard Harry Orlinsky and his teammates came into this year’s tournament firing on all cylinders, eventually winning it all and becoming Glouberman Tournament champions. In this interview, our Yeshiva League Pass “Tip Off” podcast host Ari Witkis and Harry reflect on the successful trip out to California and answer all of our questions on the exciting upcoming Yeshiva League season.

Q: How was your experience in LA this year at the Glouberman Tournament?

A: The tournament was unbelievable, obviously us winning was the best result we could have wanted but overall the whole weekend was a sick experience.

Q: Before you got to the championship, you had a few tough matchups to get there. You had to face Frisch, HAFTR, and Shalhevet. Tell us about the environment Saturday night in Shalhevet. What was the atmosphere like?

A: Yeah, It was our first game with that many fans in around two years but all of our guys are big time players and are always ready. To be honest, Shalhevet is a great team with some great players, but I think we completely outplayed them and didn't let any pressure get to us. Anyone on our team will say we love the pressure and intensity, and honestly TABC has those kinds of guys show up every game, our crowd always shows up and we always have a packed house.

Q: Would you rather have a big game at home or in a hostile territory like Shalhevet?

A: Oh I’d for sure rather an away game. It puts a chip on my shoulder, there is nothing like silencing a rival crowd.

Q: Coming off of this tournament championship, is this coming season a championship or bust season?

A: Absolutely, really the mindset is it's a three championship or bust season for us. We are expecting to win Glouberman, Sarachek, and the regular season. We are the best team in the league. If we play how we should, nobody can touch us.

Q: How does it feel to just get out there after not having a season last year?

A: Yeah, it’s our first yeshiva season in a while, but we have been playing this whole time. A lot of us have been having private practices and playing AAU, but having the crowd back is huge. I haven't felt the energy of the packed TABC gym in so long. It’s great to have an exciting home environment.

Q: Coming into the new season, who do you think are your biggest competitors at your title chase?

A: Frisch and SAR are probably our biggest challenge in our league. Those will probably be the biggest question marks of the season. If we play the way we are supposed to I’m confident that nobody can beat us. But really anything can happen so no games should be taken for granted.

Hearing these questions and answers only makes us even more excited to see how this year’s season falls out. So many dynamic and exciting teams that will be competing neck and neck for the 2021-2022 Yeshiva League title. One thing we know for sure, Harry and his brothers out in Teaneck, New Jersey are here to play.

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